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Upcoming lectures!

11/06/23- Brill Building Pres. Ocean County Library, Tuckerton Branch, NJ (7pm)

11/14/23- Bobby Darin Pres. St. Aloysius, Caldwell, NJ (1pm)

11/16/23- Bobby Darin Pres. Monmouth County Library, Holmdel Branch, NJ (10:30am)

11/17/23- Brill Building Pres.  The White Hall, Hackensack, NJ (11am)

11/27/23- Bobby Darin Pres.  Greenbriar at Whittington, Monroe Township, NJ (7:30pm)

12/01/23- Bobby Darin Pres.  Rivervale Library, Rivervale, NJ (1pm)

12/12/23- Bobby Darin Pres. Asbury Park Public Library, Asbury Park, NJ (12pm)

12/13/23- Brill Building Pres. Stonebridge Men's Club, Monroe Township, NJ (7pm)

01/16/23- Bobby Darin Pres. Pines Village Independent Living, Whiting, NJ (6:30pm)

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